Having a Midi Moment?

Are you having a midi moment yet? If not, it’s time to move your style in the midi direction. At first glance you might be thinking, “yes, midi skirts and dresses are really cute, but I couldn’t pull that off!” And I am here to tell you, YES YOU CAN! Just keep a few things in mind before you take the plunge.

Here are a few key style factors to incorporate into your search for the perfect midi….

When in doubt, wear heels.

Sure, wearing stilettos or platform heels isn’t always ideal but if you’re of average height and want to maximize your midi, add a flirty wedge or block heel sandal to the mix to counterbalance the {potentially} unflattering length.

Select the right length!

Sometimes a midi skirt or dress can go awfully awry (can I get an amen from all my fellow short girls?) but it can surely be stylish and flattering on those without supermodel height. What’s the trick to avoiding that awkward length? Select a length that hits right above the top of your calf. Even petite fashionistas can crush this look! Here’s proof…


It’s all in details, darling…

When possible, choose a dress that offers a sheer or lace overlay to provide an optical illusion of an elongated frame.




Check out this style spotlight on a few midi dress I am currently coveting, all brought to you by Modcloth.

Dare to Deco

Dress with pockets? Check. Flattering on multiple shapes? Check.  A fun, bold, retro print to turn heads? Consider it the cherry on top!



Wearable Art

This dress is so very aesthetically pleasing, reminiscent of a beautiful watercolor painting. Looks like it has fabulous twirling potential too. What girl doesn’t love a good twirl?!



Celebrate Style 

Style is worth celebrating, right? If not, time to go shopping for some new pieces that bring a little color and lots of LIFE into your wardrobe. I’m crushing on all these vibrant colors and flattering silhouette in the confetti creativity midi.




Do you follow the color trends each season? Or do you dress to the beat of your own drum? Whether you realize it or not, you’re more than likely subconsciously drawn the colors lining the shelves this fall. Sure, we all have our favorites, but you might gravitate more toward the “it colors” of the season without even knowing it! Sneaky how the fashion industry lures us in, right? The Pantone Color Institute produces a color trend report each season and the fashion industry is inevitably sure to deliver on these trend predictions. So, what in the world is a color prediction report? Read more about it here.



As a stylist and wardrobe maven, I am absolutely crushing on certain colors right now. Check out a few of my faves and how I’ve put outfits together using these it colors of the season.

Aurora red or a rich, bold shade of merlot is at the top of my list. Loving it in a skinny jean or a ponte legging pant.


Sunflower, or maybe more commonly referred to as a camel color, is showing up everywhere in your favorite threads. Pair with other neutrals like black or grey, or with a jewel tone print or vibrant solid for compliment worthy style.


Mountain view, or a moss colored green, is positively delicious in my book! I like to think of it as the new neutral. Love, love, love. It’s surprisingly versatile and looks great with just about anything.


Deep turquoise or dark blue is a gorgeous jewel tone sure to breathe new life into your wardrobe. Embrace color and treat it as a must have this season. A rich winter white or cream is a great option to pair with this hue. Loving these looks….

Jennie Baumberger Summer Soirée

Jennie Baumberger Summer Soirée

Comfortably Chic

Comfortably Chic

Moxie Must Haves

Do you know what time it is? It’s Monday! Which means it’s time for Moxie Must Haves. It’s my goal to bring you fun, flirty, and affordable pieces {that I happen to be currently coveting} each week. I hope you enjoy my picks and it gives you a little retail therapy. It is Monday, after all!

I am currently coveting bright colors and fringe detailing. These pieces are colorful, whimsical, feminine and romantic. So many of my favorite things wrapped into one!  Check out a few things topping my wish list…

Hot pink? Check. Cross body bag? Check. Fringe for days. Check. This pretty little thing just makes me want to throw on a party dress and go dancing! I’m loving its bold hot pink hue. Too bold? Or are you loving it too?

Arizona Medium Fringe Crossbody Bag

Citrine is one of my new favorite colors. It’s funny because I don’t have one single yellow piece in my closet! But I’m pretty partial to the slightly neon version of yellow, citrine. And these are a citrine dream if you ask me. These shoes would be the statement piece of my outfit…the wow factor if you will. I would love to see these with white skinnies and a white tank. Neutral, neutral, and then WOWZA COLOR!
YDN Women Fringes Flats Tassels Open Toe Sandals Low-Heel Back Zipper Shoes

The color choices right now are on point, y’all! Anyone else loving this gorgeous pop of coral as much as I am? Coral is surprisingly versatile and can easily transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. And at just $25, don’t feel guilty about adding a trendy item like these to your wardrobe.
H&M Sandalen mit Fransen 9,99

Summer Lovin’ {The Shoe Files}

You don’t have to be a shoe addict or collect Manolo Blahnik’s to agree that shoes make or break an outfit. When I look at an outfit on someone, my eye almost instantly goes down to the shoe! I love, love, love shoes, but my shoe collection is actually quite modest. I choose my shoes more based on versatility so my closet isn’t necessarily overflowing with shoes.

BUT, I do love a good pair of shoes! I am currently swooning over the “summer bootie” and fringe detailed sandals.  The summer bootie is perfect to transition from summer to fall, especially when summer lasts 6 months! Where are my southern sisters?? Can I get an amen? And the fringe detailing that seems to be everywhere these days, from sandals to funky key chains, makes my heart go pitter patter.

I’ve handpicked a few of my faves and have linked where to purchase these beauties if they too make your heart skip a beat. Enjoy, darlings!

I’ll start with my favorite shoe from this round up, which is the Skye Fringe Sandal from Nordstrom. It is the perfect marriage of the summer bootie and the fringe factor. Hello, cuteness! And a major plus to Nordstrom shopping…free shipping and free returns. Hooray!


Next up in the line up is the Ferris Block Heel Sandal from Sole Society, another one of my fave online shoe retailers. The suede material makes it perfect for transitioning into cooler temps (whenever that may be!), so scoop this beauty up and prepare yourself for the compliments to come rolling in. For those edgier shoe lovers out there, I’m crushing on the Ferris in black. It looks like a completely different shoe in the “ink” color!


For those funky fashionistas out there, let’s talk FRINGE! Admittedly, this is a trend I’ve had to warm up to and I will only wear it in small doses–no Pocahontas fringed ponchos, please! That said, I’m loving these fringe detailing on sandals. It’s the perfect boho addition to your summer shoe collection.

With just three sizes left in this brightly colored fringed sandal, the Pandora sandal in sunflower is sure to fly off the shelves soon. If you’re looking for a dressier, more neutral option, look no further than the Delilah in taupe {also available in black and oh so spicy paprika}. Lastly, I’m loving the simplistic edge of the Wekka. It’s currently sold out but get on the wait list to scoop it up soon!



Happy in your Heart

“If You’re Happy and You Know It….”

Ever gotten a song stuck in your head, rattling around incessantly in your brain, causing you to randomly sing its verses in your car, at your desk, or maybe even as you drift off to dreamland? It’s usually high on the annoying spectrum, has lyrics you’re embarrassed to know by heart, and one with an undeniably “catchy” tune, hence camping out in your brain for a few days.

What if, instead, we had wonderfully pleasant, upbeat songs serving as constant reminders throughout our day to “keep up the good work, stay positive among trials, and praise God from whom all blessings flow?” I recently got the old childhood song “If You’re Happy and You Know It” stuck in my head after reflecting on happiness being a choice, and more importantly, an infectious emotion that we can motivate others with. Don’t know it the song? Allow me to remind you!

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap, clap!)
If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap, clap!)
If you’re happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it If you’re happy and you know, clap your hands!

What was that that third verse? The most important one about our face being a direct indication of what’s in our heart? You guessed it! If we’re happy, and we know it, our FACE will surely show it. Not only that, our attitude, our speech, our demeanor, even the company we keep, will surely reveal what lies in our heart.

It’s like a domino effect: what lies in our heart will be evident on our face, in our lives, and will ultimately affect those around us. The company we keep, our attitude, and outlook will saturate our hearts. Which leads me to another point…

Remember the old adage, y ou are the company you keep? It’s as if you can be polluted, or positively transformed by those around you. You can also be a pollutant or have a positive impact in someone else’s life. As a child, I remember my mother saying to me, “You’re acting like so­and­so, let’s take a little break from spending time with them.” I am sure I questioned her at the time, but as an adult, I am thankful for her wise counsel!

Make an effort to surround yourself with positive influences, and don’t be a “Poisonous Patsy” or “Bad Mood Betty” in someone’s life. Be that positive friend with an infectious smile and overwhelming positive outlook on life, surround yourself with like­minded people, and fill your head ( oh, and your heart!) with a happy tune. You’ll be surprised at how much y our face will surely show it!

Words to live by….

Psalm 100: 1­2

“Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the Earth! Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into his presence with singing!” ESV

Psalm 118: 24

“This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” ESV

Proverbs 4: 14­15

“Do not enter the path of the wicked, and do not walk in the way of the evil. Avoid it; do not go on it; turn away from it and pass on.” ESV

Jumpstart Your Joy….

Turn that frown upside down! Start a joy journal and record one short entry each day about what you have to be joyful about. Hint, read James 1: 2­4 first for some insightful perspective on JOY.


“Grumble Your Way to Grateful”

I don’t know about you, but I have sure complained and grumbled my way into an absolutely horrible mood more times than I can count. I would be willing to bet that my company is the worst imaginable when I propel myself into these “pity party” states. In fact, I’ll paint a picture for you of one my most recent “grumble stumbles,” which delightfully turned into something beautiful in the end.

I was recently on a family beach trip with my in­laws in beautiful, sunny Seagrove Beach, Florida. Ordinarily, this is one of my favorite places on earth, and a trip I look forward to for months in advance. This tranquil setting often equals fun in the sun, relaxation, good food, beautiful scenery, and a carefree approach to life, if only for a few days. Well, imagine being seven months pregnant in 95 degree temps and suffocating humidity, suffering from swollen ankles, feeling like Humpty Dumpty in a swimsuit, and a permanent bad mood inevitably ensues. I can laugh about it now, but boy was I miserable to be around at the time!

My husband flat out called me on the carpet many times throughout the trip and basically conveyed his “no tolerance” approach to my whiny, complaint-­filled bad attitude. My misery was starting to want some company, but he wanted no part of it. Fast forward a week after returning home, and my bad mood had turned into a full blown FUNK. My thirtieth birthday was approaching, and I couldn’t be less excited about celebrating. Once again, my attempt to recruit

my husband into the pity party club was unsuccessful and he gave me a dose a tough love, telling me to suck it up and be grateful for this pregnancy and a new baby girl on the way.

I had no choice but to turn my grumbling heart into a grateful heart and vowed to make this a wonderful birthday, no matter what. I decided to make a “happy list,” filled with 30 things I am grateful for. Slowly but surely, my complaining turned into cheerfulness as I realized how MUCH I had to be celebrate in my life. I started feeling ashamed for my recent miserable state of mind and ended up celebrating how wonderful it was to be ME! I gave all the glory to God, praising Him, thanking Him, and asking for His grace and forgiveness regarding my pitiful attitude. I was humbled by His provision in my life!

I felt transformed, renewed, and GRATEFUL for a life worth living! Scriptures tells us to “rejoice in all circumstances…give thanks always” so stop contemplating these words and take them as a direct command from your Heavenly father on how to tackle your daily struggles. What are you waiting for? Start today!

Words to Live By…

1 Thessalonians 5: 16­18

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

Hebrews 12: 28

“ T h e r e f o r e l e t u s b e g r a t e f u l f o r r e c e i v i n g l

r a k i n g d o m t h a t c a n n o t b e s h a k e n , a n d t h u s s e t u s offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe.”

Turn grumbling into grateful….

Here’s a little spiritual challenge for you: spend an entire day resisting any and all complaints and find a way to give thanks in all circumstances. In other words, you are basically turning a negative into a positive every chance you get. For example, “it is SO hot outside! It’s miserable!!” Instead, praise God for clean drinking water, a working air conditioner, and the ability to escape the overwhelming heat.

Moxie Must Haves {Sweet Summer Style}

In true minimalist style, I’ve hand picked four of my summer must haves to stock your closet with. And being from the south, we all know summer extends well into October so there’s plenty of time to shop your favorites! So, which picks made my list? Check out my guide to Moxie Must Haves..

Striped Swing Dress

Stripes! Oh, how I adore thee! Pair them with the most comfy, universally flattering swing dress and you’ve completely won my heart. Style with strappy sandals, wedges, or sneaks, mixing up this super versatile summer wardrobe staple is an oh so attainable fashion feat. I’d love to see pictures of your favorite summer swing dresses in the comments. Share the love!


Wrap Dress with a Twist

I’ve always loved a wrap dress. It truly can be flattering on any body type and its iconic silhouette will forever be in style. I’m love the new take on the wrap dress, whether it’s in an ethereal maxi dress or a slightly modern midi. Which one is your fave?



Colorful Strappy Sandals

A few words of advice when it comes to your summer shoe arsenal. Just. Add. Color. It is summer, after all! Neutrals are the foundation for our wardrobes, but color is the cherry on top of our summer shoe collection. I’m loving all the fun strapped options, a few metallic accents here and there, and even the fun perforation trend is making my shoe loving heart skip a beat. What have been your fave shoe finds this summer? I’d love to know! Coral, cobalt, lavender, oh my…


Always the Right Time for a Romper

While it may seem ridiculous, given the soaring 3-digit temps in the sweltering southeast, but I’m loving a romper with a bit of a sleeve. And while I agree that it may not be so practical, sometimes this style maven chooses fashion over function. Loving these romantic and whimsical options!


Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed my Moxie Musings. Stay tuned for next week’s edition of Moxie Must Haves…hint, hint, it’ll always be featured on Mondays!